UPDATE 8/1/202 – STILL STILL here! Retail is open Wed – Sun 9am-3pm. We’re adding Tuesday back as a retail beginning Aug 11 (9-3). We’ve made a few more changes to our retail method – it’s much simpler:
  • We now have a take-out window to the right of our front door. There’s an intercom too to limit how much interaction is required between us and our customers.
  • Masks are absolutely required of all customers at Village Bread. We won’t open the window if you’re not wearing one. We support everyone’s “rights” including our own to refuse to open our window unless you’re wearing one. That other local artisan bread bakery nearby might serve you better than this if you’d rather not wear a mask.
  • Marks are still on the ground in front of our bakery for your convenience to help maintain physical distance from fellow customers.
  • We strongly encourage calling ahead a day before you arrive so we can expedite your order when you arrive. If this isn’t possible, please know what you’d like when you arrive. If you’re coming later in the day (like after 10am), be prepared to be disappointed if we don’t have the items you’re looking for. SAVE THE HASSLE – ORDER A DAY IN ADVANCE!
  • Live in Redlands, Mentone, Loma Linda, Calimesa, or Yucaipa? Consider home delivery on Tuesdays! Click here for more information!
UPDATE 5/30/2020 – We’re STILL open for retail service at the bakery. See our retail hours on our homepage. If you plan to come to the bakery, we suggest calling ahead and placing an order (preferably a day or two ahead). Please mind the following adaptations we’ve made to help keep our staff & customers socially distant:
  • We will wear masks for EVERYONE’S protection. We ask the same of our customers while standing in line and ordering from our employees.
  • Customers are no longer permitted to enter the bakery. We’ve moved our register to the door. If the door is closed when you arrive, just open it and we’ll spray hand sanitizer on your hands if you’d like. We sanitize the door regularly throughout the day.
  • We’ve marked the sidewalk with tape to help folks distance themselves while waiting in line. You should still chat up if you’d like, just keep that spacing!
  • The line now moves from the west of the front door.