UPDATE 3/16/20 – We’re still planning to bake bread this week, but regulators will ultimately regulate and this could impact us.

In the meantime;
– Call ahead and place an order AT LEAST TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE.
– Line up outside and limit the customers inside to a maximum of 4.
– If there’s a line/queue when you arrive, please give everyone else some space.
– Please pay with cards or contactless payments. Avoid cash if possible.
– Don’t be a jerk. We’re baking as much as we can while maintaining the safety & health (physical & mental) of our employees. This is no time for hoarding or rudeness.
– For everyone’s sake, please follow all official health guidelines. We don’t think it needs to be repeated again, and nobody wants a Village Plague.

We mix it. We shape it. We ferment it. We bake it.

Made with locally & regionally produced ingredients because they taste better.

If it’s close to closing time, call us to see what’s available:


Folks who swing by after 2pm taking a “shot in the dark” hoping to find a loaf of bread are greatly rewarded if we do indeed have anything left! Just sayin’


BREAD EATERS – please support these local folks who support us:


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